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Asia's largest beer label professional printing companies

Mancheong company is a label printing for the main business enterprises, is Asia's largest beer label professional printing companies. The total investment of more than 900 million yuan, the existing staff of about 1,500 people

The main products: products cover wine and food labels, crates (boxes) and high-grade packaging paper, and other three major series.

Equipment conditions: Has the world's most advanced printing and supporting pre-press, post-press equipment and high-grade packaging paper production equipment.

Business coverage: The label business market covers the whole country and Southeast Asia and Central Asia, and radiates parts of Korea and parts of Europe.

Major Clients: More than 180 beer companies such as InBev, Qingdao, Huarun, Yanjing, Carlsberg and Pearl River and more than 60 liquor, wine and condiment drinks such as Haitian Weiye, Shunde Winery, And other types of enterprises trust long-term partners.

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